Modern Image Clear Bra plus Modesta a great solution for full paint protection   To get the ultimate paint protection for your vehicle, without going the route of a full clear bra, a hybrid of two products is the next best thing.  We combined the front impact protection of a custom […]

Combine Modesta with Clear Bra as a total paint protection ...

The HG Motorsports Mercedes AMG GT S does all rallies with a full Satin Clear Bra and ClearPlex windshield protection $300 savings Road Rally Protection for all Targa Trophy Entrants   For many years Modern Image has partnered with Targa Trophy in supplying event decals and giveaway prizes. We are extending that […]

Get Road Rally Protection before heading out

  There were only 499 Ferrari LaFerrari offered for sale. The vehicle was “sold out” before it was even released to the general public. So, saying only a handful of people in the world know what it’s like to own one is an understatement. One of these exclusive owners brought his ultra rare, $1.42 […]

Modern Image Clear Bra protection on a LaFerrari

Brand new 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB with Clear Bra Protection As Ferrari says #wordsarenotenough   Fresh off the showroom floor the car came to us to get some aesthetic enhancements, powder coated black wheels, a vinyl blackout on the roof, and 3M Crystalline window tint. The most important thing we […]

Full Font Protection on a Ferrari 488 GTB

A front Clear Bra is the first step in protecting your investment.   With a starting base price of $295,000 the Ferrari FF is a four seater that needs to stay protected. Sure, you park it in the garage to cut down on Mother Nature damaging the paint. You make sure you […]

Ferrari FF with custom full front Clear Bra

Earlier this year HG Motorsports brought us their Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S for a full clear bra package. After an initial break in, road rallies like Targa Trophy Megarun and Gold Rush Rally 7 were the testing ground for the Products they have developed for the GT S. Using real world […]

New video from HG Motorsports

After waiting months for the order to be filled, the phone call came.   “Your Aston Martin Vanquish is here!” In total awe over the cars beauty, the owners first thought was to get everything protected. A Premium Clear bra for total coverage on the car. From bumper to bumper this […]

Aston Martin Vanquish gets total coverage

HG Motorsports was one of the first to receive the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. With a stunning car like this, paint protection is a top priority. Within a week of delivery they brought us the car for a full custom clear bra package. you see, this car is not going […]

Full Satin Clear Bra For HG Motorsports