Aston Martin Vanquish gets total coverage

Modern_Image_Aston_Martin_Vanquish_Clear_Bra_01 feature

After waiting months for the order to be filled, the phone call came.


“Your Aston Martin Vanquish is here!”


In total awe over the cars beauty, the owners first thought was to get everything protected. A Premium Clear bra for total coverage on the car. From bumper to bumper this cars painted surfaces are protected from road debris, bird droppings, acid rain, and even people brushing up against the car. In addition to the exterior panels we also put protective clear bra over both driver and passenger door sills to reduce wear of getting in and out.

Simply driving your car down the exposes it to a harsh environment. Over time those elements can take a huge toll on the paint of your car. Most common damage is small pits that are caused bu road debris that other cars pop up while you are going down the road. The paint is also subject to staining from bird droppings, acidic rain, and untreated water from sprinklers. Installing protective clear bra material creates a barrier of protection that keeps the manufacturers original quality and shine.


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