Combine Modesta with Clear Bra as a total paint protection solution


Modern Image Clear Bra plus Modesta a great solution for full paint protection


Ferrari_458_Modern_Image_Clear_Bra_Modesta_04To get the ultimate paint protection for your vehicle, without going the route of a full clear bra, a hybrid of two products is the next best thing.  We combined the front impact protection of a custom Modern Image Clear Bra package with the sealing protection of Modesta glass coating for this 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider.

Clear Bra was originally designed to stop small chips caused by impacts of debris/sand/small rocks on the front of the car. Those areas are the bumper, hood, mirrors, front fenders, and in many cases the front section of the rear quarter panel(vehicle dependent).  Typically panels that are not forward facing or subject to kick-up from the vehicles own tires are safe do not need the same type of protection. Those panels can still take on damage from all adverse affects of the environment. For protection from the more chemical type of damage we employ the nano technology found in Modesta coatings.

The first, and most important type of protection is the Clear Bra. It is a Paint Protective Film (PPF) that is applied directly to painted body panels. The film comes in two finishes satin and gloss. This 458 is protected in gloss finish that looks just like the original paint but provides protection from impacts by small road debris on the road.

The second type of protection is the Modesta coating. When applied to your paint, it creates an additional layer over the clear coat that protects from chemical damage. This damage comes from a number of sources such as hard water spots created by sprinklers or bird droppings that land on the paint. If these are left unattended for too long, they will etch away or stain the clear coat of the paint causing permanent damage.

combining these two paint protection processes gives you the best of both worlds. The impact damage is saved due to the Clear Bra nad the chemical damage is kept away with the Modesta coating.

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