Ferrari FF with custom full front Clear Bra


A front Clear Bra is the first step in protecting your investment.


Modern_Image_Ferrari_FF_Clear_Bra_blackout06With a starting base price of $295,000 the Ferrari FF is a four seater that needs to stay protected. Sure, you park it in the garage to cut down on Mother Nature damaging the paint. You make sure you have it thoroughly detailed weekly just in case while you were driving it got dive bombed by a bird the paint wont get etched. But what about when you are actually driving it? 

The thin clear coat of paint covering the color it took you a week to finally decide on gets punished with small road debris kicked up by other cars. Sometimes the empty soda can that was thrown in the back of the truck ahead of you can fly out. These road hazards have the potential to do damage the paint on the front of your vehicle. That is where a front Clear Bra comes in.

We professionally install a sheet of a protective, transparent, urethane film that absorbs the impact of small rocks and debris preventing paint chipping. in this case the client wanted to get the entire front of the car protected. from the tip of the bumper to the end of the front fenders. This is our Full front Clear Bra package.  With the Clear Bra the client doesn't have to worry about the possibility of small pitting from sand or dirt they can drive with their focus on the road instead of worrying what is happening to their paint.

Modern_Image_Ferrari_FF_Clear_Bra_blackout07Additional services we offer are blackout packages, Window Tint, and wheel powder coating.  the best time to get it all done is when you drop your car off to get the clear bra installed. For custom front Clear Bra packages we remove the emblems when we install the film. Creating the perfect time to Paint or Wrap the emblems in the color of your choice.

This Ferrari has a Custom Full Front Clear Bra. We also added vinyl wrap at the roof line to connect the sunroof to the rear window. In order to make the prancing pony stand out a little more on the silver car we painted them satin black. Finally, 3M Crystalline window tint was installed to give the car a better look while protecting the driver from UV rays. 

Modern_Image_Ferrari_FF_Clear_Bra_blackout 04_feature

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