Get Road Rally Protection before heading out

HG Motorsports Mercedes AMG with full Satin Clear Bra and ClearPlex windshield protection

The HG Motorsports Mercedes AMG GT S does all rallies with a full Satin Clear Bra and ClearPlex windshield protection

$300 savings Road Rally Protection for all Targa Trophy Entrants


For many years Modern Image has partnered with Targa Trophy in supplying event decals and giveaway prizes. We are extending that partnership to all Targa Trophy entrants. Save up to $300 on clear bra and ClearPlex packages from Modern Image.

If you have done a Targa Trophy rally before, you know that you can be guided to some of the most fun roads that are rarely traveled. While you caravan through these great driving roads we want you to focus on enjoying the roads. The best way to do that is by knowing that any rocks that the car in front of you is throwing up will not going to damage your paint or windshield. As you set out on the rally you will usually fall into a pack driving together. That is one of the greatest parts about the rally, cruising great roads with your friends! The closer you get though, the more likely you are to have something kicked up at you.

Modern_Image_Clear_Bra_Ferrari_LaFerrari_04This is where road rally protection is needed.

There are two main areas that need protection the forward facing painted areas, and the windshield. Clear Bra is the best solution to protecting painted areas. The material gives you a barrier of protection between the oncoming debris and the paint on your car. The energy that would normally impact and chip the paint is absorbed into the clearbra effectively saving your paint. These clear bras are nothing like the large black leather bras of the eighties. The material applies directly to your car, and is virtually invisible.

For windshield protection, we install a material called ClearPlex. Consisting of a much stiffer material, ClearPlex is designed to deflect the impact away. This eliminate the chance of pitting on the glass and minimizes the chances of getting a crack. If you do get a crack, you don’t need to worry because CleaPlex will cover the deductible for a replacement windshield!


Save $300 on a Full Front Clear Bra package

  • Front Bumper
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Partial front fender
  • Partial hood

Save $150 on a Partial Front Clear Bra Package

  • Front Bumper
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Full Front Fender
  • Full Hood

Save $100 on ClearPlex windshield protection


Modern_Image_Clear_Bra_Porsche _GT3

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