Modern Image Clear Bra protection on a LaFerrari


Modern_Image_Clear_Bra_Ferrari_LaFerrari_01There were only 499 Ferrari LaFerrari offered for sale. The vehicle was “sold out” before it was even released to the general public. So, saying only a handful of people in the world know what it’s like to own one is an understatement. One of these exclusive owners brought his ultra rare, $1.42 Million work of art to us at Modern Image for the most important upgrade he could get: a full custom clear bra.  Just under 1000HP, topping out at 217 MPH, and a 0-60 ft time of 2.4 seconds is a dangerous recipe for damaging the pristine paint of the LaFerrari.

A hyper car not only deserves to be protected, it should receive unparalleled protection installation from Modern Image. Our amazing technicians were able to cover the car with only one visible seam; which is quite a feat when you consider the many complex contours of the car. With the one exception, each panel is covered with one piece of paint protective film. In addition to the exterior panels, we also applied protection to the carbon fiber high traffic wear areas inside the car such as the floorboard and center console.

Typically, we don’t cover much of the interior with protective film; maybe the door sill at most. However, we expect the value of the LaFerrari to go the way of the Enzo – continually rising. Protecting the car from scratches and wear will help maintain the overall value of this magnificent vehicle. That same philosophy can be applied to any and every car. The better it is maintained, the better the price will be if you ever plan on selling it.

Take care of your automotive investment with a Modern Image Clear Bra package. Your vehicle can get the same paint protection that is used on High end super and hyper cars!



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