New video from HG Motorsports


Earlier this year HG Motorsports brought us their Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S for a full clear bra package. After an initial break in, road rallies like Targa Trophy Megarun and Gold Rush Rally 7 were the testing ground for the Products they have developed for the GT S.

Using real world testing situations they can get better feedback on how well the products are doing. One key aspect of how HG Motorsports does testing is described in their slogan “Line At Redline”

They can test their aftermarket performance product development with confidence that outer panels are protected by the Premium Full Satin Clear Bra that we applied. Normal driving conditions are already hard on a cars exterior. That risk increases crossing the country in a pack of high horsepower cars with sticky tires. 99% of the painted surfaces are in a satin protective layer that keeps road debris from damaging the original paint.

Here is their new video


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